Status Statistics


April 27, 2010:  All three books are officially done (or so I claim today).  I edited and edited and edited (to the 50th power)  until I am finally pleased with all of them and believe that they are the best they can be.  However, I can't help but admit that I am still rereading them and tweaking them here and there, but not because I feel they need to be edited.  I read them because I genuinely like reading the stories and revisiting with the characters in them ... they are old friends by now.

April 29, 2010 Finally, sent my FIRST query to an agent (IG in NYC).  I sent them the query for my second book because the first 10 pages of my second book are the best of the trilogy.  Today (5/7/10), I'm laughing my ass off cause I just checked my query letter (which was an old form letter) and I forgot to change the date from January 1, 2000.  OOPS!  Hope they can forgive that mistake and they will respond by my exclusive offer till 5/14/10. 

May 14, 2010:  No response on my first query.  Typical.

May 19, 2010:  OK, I'm a little off track here, but with good reason.  Over the weekend, I had a college reunion ... 20 years, I'm embarrassed to admit ... with some OLD friends.  Then, I descended straight into baseball controversy while our little league selected their tournament team.  The good news -- after years of being passed over, my son was finally selected for the #1 team and we are on the road to Williamsport.  The bad news -- I will again be obsessing about baseball until we are two and through.  Yes, I am a woman with a baseball obsession ... and proud of it.  However, one of the highlights of our reunion weekend was the repeated oxymoron, "all things are fine in moderation, including obsessions."  So, as part of my moderate obsession, I'm even writing a song entitled, 'On the Road to Williamsport.'  I promise to provide a link to it when I'm done.  As for my books and the baseball saga therein, I promise to go out again with another query soon, but maybe not go exclusive this time.  Stay tuned.

December 9, 2010:  Wow, did I get off track.  I found no place for moderation in my obsession for baseball.  In fact, I bought a website and blogged every day of my baseball experience.  See to read the almost unbelievable story or what happened this summer when my son competed on a team trying to make it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  Now, I am back to editing my books and beginning again with my marketing strategy ... just in time for Christmas.

March 1, 2011:  After a very stressful several months and the onset of my divorce after 21 years of marriage, I am now returning to my trilogy.  Today, I am sending out my second query to an acquaintance of my wonderful next door neighbors.  Wish me luck.