In the fast-paced lifestyle of Hollywood, everything ever said and done ends up as a tabloid headline.  But, in the quiet life of Rock Hill, South Carolina, nothing is tabloid worthy.  Our heroine, Jessica Mullaney, says goodbye to a life she loves when the economic downturn forces her to close her small engineering firm after 12 years of successful operation.  Although she walks away with a sizeable nest egg, with little to occupy her time or mind, Jessica finds unemployment excruciating. 


Add to that her husband’s negative attitude that degenerates as her weeks of unemployment turn into months, the deteriorating respect she receives from her teenage son as the months of unemployment continue, and her self-image as an accomplished woman slowly crumbles.  Jessica’s only outlet, overhauling the family’s Seabrook Island condo, results in added conflict as her husband derides her progress, her efforts and her taste, which culminates in a huge fight while her family is vacationing at the condo over spring break.


Then, in a chance encounter out on a golf course, her son mistakenly categorizes Jessica as formidable to a stranger, who turns out to be none other than Will Wilde, A Hollywood Legend himself.  Stimulating his curiosity, Will Wilde seeks to find out more about this woman.  Impressed by what he learns from her son and what he sees when he visits her renovated condo, Wilde impulsively hires her to remodel his newly purchased Kiawah Island home, which he needs for an upcoming golf movie that he plans to film in the Charleston area.  But, his original ideas for a golf comedy in the vein of Caddyshack take a backseat, when Wilde finds fodder for a better script based on Jessica's life and stories told by his renovation team.


Throw in a LA girlfriend and her New York City decorator, who intend to bring ‘class’ to the renovation, and you get conflict.  Add the paparazzi, karaoke and a sexy video on YouTube, and you get even more conflict.  Finally, toss into the mix a demented stalker who, while seeking eternal bliss with William Wilde, decides that Jessica is ‘in the way,’ and you get suspense.  Will the renovation get completed on time and will Jessica live to see it?  See the surprising twist in the end to discover what happens when Rock Hill, South Carolina, meets Hollywood, California. 

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