Jessica Mullaney finally finds love … and wow … it is really good.  Unfortunately, as Jessica tries to settle anonymously into her new life, several near death experiences make her into Hollywood’s newest star, a role which she refuses to embrace.


Of course, Jessica’s budding stardom stirs the jealousy of Will Wilde, A Hollywood Legend, who accuses Jessica of constantly, albeit unwittingly, stealing his thunder.  Meanwhile, Rico continues as Jessica’s protector through a series of harrowing experiences and finds himself reluctantly dragged into the spotlight as Jessica’s ‘sexy hero,’ rather than as his own man, thus causing a strain on their relationship.  Add to that the difficulties that always come when dealing with family and you get even more stress. 


Ultimately, as Jessica’s stardom threatens to eclipse Rico’s blossoming music career, the duo face a frightening surprise that may be their most difficult challenge yet, and which may just send Jessica to the nut house. 


In this, the final installment of the Hollywood Legend trilogy, will the stresses of family and fame overwhelm the perfect ending that we all wished for Jessica Mullaney?  And, how many bucket list goals will she actually achieve before the end?


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