Upon her release from jail, Jessica Mullaney returns home, where she willingly accepts her life as a pariah in the small southern city of Rock Hill, South Carolina.  However, even completely renovating her old home canít keep Jessica busy enough to escape her memories.  So, at the urging of and accompanied by her devoted friend, Gail, and following a job offer, Jessica moves to none other than LA, where she tries to settle into a life of anonymity in a large city. 


Meanwhile, Jessicaís proximity sends Will Wilde, A Hollywood Legend, into a wild frenzy and he lashes out, telling the world that he believes Jessica is a murderess regardless of her overturned convictions.  However, his brother, Rico Wilde, canít help but be fascinated by Jessica Mullaney, particularly after eavesdropping on an amusing conversation one night between two women who he later learns are his brotherís supposed stalker, Jessica Mullaney, and her feisty friend, Gail. 


Ricoís revelations based on his eavesdropping pale in comparison with the private investigatorís report gathered by his brother which uncovers Jessicaís tortuous hidden past.  The unsettling news causes Will to feel fear for the woman he sees as a threat but Rico can't help but feel compassion and he ventures to find out the truth about this woman, who slowly becomes his obsession. 


Ultimately, Jessicaís past, present and future are due to collide ... big time ... in an ending sure to bring a smile to every face.  The only question is Ö who will be targeted this time and, more importantly, who will survive?


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